"This is really as cool as f**k..." Irvine Welsh

"Things Fall Apart is extraordinarily powerful. Melancholic and despairing at one level, it also proves at another redemptive.
For this reviewer, there is unlikely to be a better single this year. " Pennyblackmusic

"Evokes more emotions in four minutes than most artists manage across a whole album." Whisperin and Hollerin

“It's not a case of 'pulling at the heart strings' with Milton Star. They take you somewhere else entirely. Broodingly dark alternative country never resonated more with me. A soundscape of beauty from north of the border. Utterly divine. ” Ryan Oxley, Penistone FM

Double A Salvation-Sorryville simultaneous release on Stereogram Recordings out now.




"Simultaneously beautiful and bleak" When You Motor Away

"Sorryville" is bass and drum driven with chiming, tremelo drenched guitars and as with "Salvation" makes you wanna listen again soon as it's finished. A record perfect to play late night with a bottle of JD by your side, best thing I've heard this year by far. Hardly bright young things but experience, craft and soul by the bucketful. Check this out ~ it really is very good indeed. " Kelvin Knight - Delta 5

"Wonderfully atmospheric guitarscapes paint vivid images of love, loss and regret lived out in one no-hope town to the next, in the bars, in shady motels and the highways and byways inbetween." Frost Magazine

"A tale of angels and devils and mortal choices, it’s dark, harrowing and
makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up." Whisperin and Hollerin

"The two tracks cast evocative landscapes of smouldering emotion and heavy atmospheric colour uniting indie and dark country in one enjoyable and darkly feverish encounter." The Ringmaster Review

"This is classy stuff with a sense of mischief and the luxurious... not a party band for a sunny afternoon in the park but if you're looking for bleak and moody then you know where to look..." Listen with Monger

"A David Lynch-esque soundscape with an Edwyn Collins-like Americana vibe...mean and moody guitar and silky smooth vocal with an underlying menace - ye canny whack it!" Ralph's Life

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